What is Abjadiyat?

Abjadiyat’s platform holds the largest holistic digital library in the Arabic language for preschoolers in the region, and has been developed by experienced educational consultants across the Middle East. Whether you are a teacher or a home-schooler, our platform helps your students master the Arabic language!

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With support and guidance from experienced professionals in early learning and education psychology, our curriculum and learning objectives have been tailored to meet the requirements of the Ministry of Education curriculum across the Middle East region

Our platform is customizable and easy to use We follow standard Arabic with an emphasis on phonics and shapes


  • Create your own or modify one of our pre-defined curriculums.
  • Manage students and assign Arabic learning activities.
  • Get a personalized learning path for each student, linked to learning objectives.
  • Receive a progress report and knowledge graph for each
  • Student that outlines analytics on the learning objectives
  • Access a learning library covering the early childhood literacy and numeracy curriculum.
  • Use Abjadiyat on smart boards and tablets for a more interactiveand engaging classroom experience.