Inspiring Mums' Stories- Rania

Please share a brief bio about yourself and your blog.

I am a working mom of five who occupy my life in every single way. I teach English in a French School, and I enjoy my profession. In addition, I have my own blog named ‘The Helicoptermommy’, where I share my thoughts, feelings, and experiences about my motherhood journey. The best part of teaching is giving your finest to others. Similarly, in blogging, I provide my followers and readers with my positivity, practicality, and support.

Many mothers feel although they give too much, they still sometimes feel guilty or not giving as much as they want. How do you think your son/daughter will describe you if we asked you as a mama?

The guilt feeling comes due to the many duties we need to tend to, but I think that it is also part of motherhood. No matter what we do, we always ask ourselves if we are doing it right, or whether we are actually taking the virtuous decisions.

Each of my children views me in a different way. Some of them compliment me on my looks when I am getting ready for an outing. Sometimes they label me as a ‘strict mom’ because I am meticulous when it comes to submitting homework and deadlines.

What I admire is when they express their gratitude and affection towards me. It makes me forget my fatigue and pushes me to move forward and be the best I could.

Considering lives nowadays, parents are busy all the time, and are interrupted by many things around them, inspire us and tell us what’s considered a son/mama special time?

Having the time to be really present with each and every one of my five is one of my biggest and daily challenges. Especially during the week, when the elder ones have homework and activities to be carried out I try my best to be with all of them squeezing in a few minutes somewhere during the day. Sometimes it would be in the car as we head to a certain activity where we can mainly chat about general issues. Other times, it could be in the kitchen as I prepare dinner. However, when we do have the time, we mainly enjoy playing board games and cards. Such activities make us live the given moment and enjoy each other’s presence.

With the twins, we mainly do art and craft, read stories, and mold shapes with playdough. Luckily, they are still at an age where we have plenty of time to just be!

Kids between 2-5 years old develop their own character. What is your best parenting/educational tip to other mothers considering our new tech-savvy generation?

Despite all the advantages the new tech life provides us with, there are many disadvantages to it. We struggle to put time limit with the elder ones and we monitor what they do without really imposing things on them. At the same time, we continuously discuss the applications they download making sure they understand the dangers of the virtual world.

I strongly believe that we have to guide them until we trust their judgment on what they choose to look at. We need to accept the fact that they might make mistakes, but we could teach them to learn from such experiences. After all, that is their future, and they need to acquire the skills to manage it! I strongly believe that completely forbidding certain activities would make them want to experience it in secrecy, so the challenge becomes in having them understand the consequences of their decisions.
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