Safe and personalized App

What worries parents the most in our current lives – the digital life- is cyber security and how safe it is to use the internet with our kids. The possibility of having them exposed to unwanted content seems so high and this is a huge concern to many parents now a days. Needless to say that the Middle Eastern society has also its requirements and special senses, in terms of privacy, culture, and openness; thus, the need for a secure and culturally verified content becomes a necessity for Arab children. Therefore, Abjadiyat is considered safe, in terms of content as it has been prepared by educational specialists who are subject experts and understand the culture thoroughly, in addition to blocking all Ads by any third part from your child’s view.

Speaking of safety and security, mothers are considered a child’s first teacher, holder and the one who looks after his interest, future and even feelings. There has been so many stories and scenarios where kids feel helpless and sometimes feel like failures because they are unable to comprehend or reach up to the level of their curriculum at school or nursery. It’s not necessary their fault, but it might be the flexibility of the curriculum or even the method of teaching that leaves no space for any skills development. Starting from this point, the idea of this App stemmed! What is special about abjadiyat is that its program is carefully designed of more than 100 lessons in ten levels. As your child completes each lesson, he or she is guided to the next one and is motivated to continue learning by our Points & Gifts program. And in case the parents saw that the content is not interesting enough for their kids, they are free to unsubscribe from the service anytime without any commitment.

The program works in a way that allows the kids to explore new content that is of a higher level every time he/she scores all points in a level, he/she gets “bonus” and unlocks new level and new content. This method encourages the kids to reach higher levels and do better and in case he did not succeed, he will be offered new content of the same current level.

This amazing feature assures parents that their kids are in safe hands and they will feel proud when they see his educational and cognitive skills have improved within weeks or more.
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