Make your classroom engaging and interactive with Abjadiyat.


Our curriculum is designed by leading Arabic teachers and experts who have a deep understanding of the challenges that face students and teachers.

Our curriculum is designed for KG-1 and KG-2 native Arab students to better prepare them for Grade 1. We also offer a non-native curriculum variant for second language learners

Teachers can adapt the curriculum to their own requirements by changing the scope and sequence of the lessons as well as the learning objectives.

Our pre-school Arabic language curriculum covers 4 main subjects:

1) Reading. Students will be taught all 28 Arabic letters with an emphasis on shape and sound association including vowels (tashkeel), short and long sounds, first-letter, mid-letter and end-letter shapes.

2) Grammar. Students will be able to distinguish between masculine and feminine words, and adopt the correct usage of demonstrative pronouns and adjectives.

3) Writing and Expression. Students will have access to listening comprehension wherein they will learn prepositions and basic vocabulary about a variety of topics.

4) Phonetics and Vocabulary. Students will be provided with the largest database of learning material for preschoolers in the region.


Abjadiyat’s comprehensive list of features allows for a smoother and more enjoyable teaching experience of Arabic for kids

1. Build a curriculum. Modify one of our pre-defined curriculums or create your own using our ‘Curriculum Design’ tool. Modify the scope and sequence of learning activities as per your school and class requirements.

2. Manage the classroom. Create classes, add students and assign learning activities.

3. No More Late Hours At School: save efforts & time looking for resources and educational material when you access Abjadiyat library of Arabic learning activities covering the KG literacy and numeracy curriculum.

4. Encourage student-led learning. Motivate students to learn outside the classroom in-line with your curriculum via Abjadiyat’s learning path.

5. Deliver personalized student learning. Monitor each student’s progress and assign learning activities individually to help continuous improvement.


Step up your lesson-plan by incorporating Abjadiyat's educational content. Our content library has an ideal collection of educational activities which are reflected through our Arabic games, e-books, videos, songs, and worksheets to help your students learn about various topics from literacy, social skills and much more.