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  • What is Abjadiyat?

    Abjadiyat is an Arabic learning app for children between 2 – 8 years of age. Abjadiyat offers a variety of interactive learning activities such as letters (Arabic), numbers, colours, animals, shapes, professions, personal hygiene, manners & etiquette, social skills, in the form of educational and music videos, practice exercises, eBooks, games & music, that can be enjoyed with or without parental guidance.

    Abjadiyat is available on both, the Google Play & iTunes Store for tablets and mobile devices.

  • Who are the people behind Abjadiyat?

    Abjadiyat is developed by IBDAA Limited, and Algorythma, the technology arm and product development company of the Abu Dhabi Financial Group. The app has been developed by professionals with experience across the fields of Education, Media Production & Technology.

  • What’s the suitable age for a child to use Abjadiyat?

    Abjadiyat’s content is entertaining and educational for children between the ages of 2 – 8 years.

  • What’s special about Abjadiyat?
    • A multi-format based approach to learning in the form of videos, games, e-books, puzzles, & practice exercises
    • Holistic Development for the preschool child - Literacy, Numeracy, Knowledge of the World, Social Skills, Creative Expressions & more.
    • A Personalized Learning Path for the child (depending on age & learning style)
    • Progress reports on the child’s learning for the parents
    • A timer system and parental lock to monitor and control the Child’s time spent on the App: from 15 to 120 minutes
    • Controlled advertising in a child and brand safe environment, to help the child progress across levels.
    • Free Coin Giveaways in the App to unlock Premium Content
    • Rewards offered in terms of in-App gifts on completing certain milestones
    • Bi-lingual navigation to guide non-Arabic speakers
  • Is Abjadiyat Free?

    Abjadiyat is a free to download app. Users receive an in-app wallet containing coins that can be used to unlock and play some of the content. Once unlocked, the content can be enjoyed multiple times.

    The child can acquire more coins for free by viewing advertisements (in the parental section), or by repeating the consumption of the already unlocked content.

  • What are Coins? What are Points? What’s the difference between them?

    Abjadiyat offers an in-app currency in the form of coins, which can be used to unlock content. The child receives coins as a reward upon completion of a content piece. The app also permits acquiring coins by watching advertisements or direct purchase through the App Store, both available in the Parental Section.

    Points are an indicator of the child’s progress through the content available within the app and are used to calculate the child’s current level in the App. Upon completing each content play, the child receives points as a reward.

  • How are children motivated to use the app?

    Abjadiyat includes multiple interactive & non-interactive content with progressive difficulty levels, to cater to the learning needs of children across age groups. Upon completing consumption of a content piece, the child get rewarded with coins as well as points. Upon completing a level, the child receives a gift. These rewards offered, upon successful completion of activities are the motivating factor for children to complete the activities.

  • I am not a native Arabic speaker, can I or my children use Abjadiyat?

    Yes, of course! Abjadiyat offers bi-lingual navigation, allowing non - Arab speakers to learn in Arabic, with English icons and explanatory messages.

  • Can my child use Abjadiyat independently, or should I sit with him or her?

    The more time you can spend with your child, whether for learning or just for fun, the better, and no website or app should be used as a substitute for family time, however Abjadiyat is suitable for use both by parents and children together, as well as a child on their own (under minimal to no supervision), depending on their age and ability.

    Abjadiyat offers simple navigation and audio explanations in addition to more features being developed to facilitate individual learning.

  • What does Abjadiyat teach? What are the topics covered?

    Abjadiyat typically covers the skills that a preschool child needs to be prepared for school. Abjadiyat includes curriculum topics such as Literacy, Numeracy, Knowledge of the World, Social skills & Creative skill. The topic themes include Tashkeel, Numbers, Shapes, Colors, Health & Nutrition, Body Parts, Family, Sports, Time, Emotions & Feelings, Animals, Professions, Cultures, Planets, Geography & more. If you would like us to cover a particular topic, please email info@ibdaakids.com with what you’d like to see in the App.

  • What type of content do you offer?

    Abjadiyat content includes music and narrative videos, digital books with story narrative, games with a learning element, and practice exercises or worksheets.

  • How does the content unlock mechanism work?

    In Abjadiyat, each content piece has a price associated with it – in the virtual currency of coins. The child is able to unlock the content by using coins earned or given at the start at the game, which allows them unlimited access to that content for a period of one month from the unlock date. Unlocked content is identified clearly with an “open lock” icon within the app.

    If a piece of content is purchased from the store, the content is available for a maximum consumption of 10 times.

  • How will my child know when new content is available? How often do you add new content?

    At IBDAA, new content is constantly created in-house and sourced from prominent content providers to keep the child entertained and enhance learning. The app homepage has a “New Content” section to reflect this content. In-app notifications may also be sent.

  • I unlocked some content, but wasn’t able to view it offline. Why?

    This means that the content has been unlocked, but not downloaded, or the content storage capacity for this app on your device was reached, and content pieces were removed. The content that was downloaded first is removed first.

  • How does the Abjadiyat subscription work? What do I get from subscribing?

    The Abjadiyat subscription is available in the Store section of the App. Subscriptions are available on a monthly, or an annual basis. Subscribing to Abjadiyat unlocks all the content instantly across levels and topics.

  • What are the subscription options? What payment methods do you accept?

    Abjadiyat is available through Google Play Store, and Apple App Store and the payment options available for subscriptions & in-app purchases are linked to these stores.

    Abjadiyat offers two subscription options - per month or annually. The subscription price depends on the user’s geography and default store.

    • A payment is charged to the users’ iTunes/Google Play account upon confirmation of purchase.
    • A subscription renews automatically, unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
    • An Account will be charged for renewal about 24 hours prior to the end of the current period.
    • Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the Subscriptions option under the User’s App Store or Google Play Store account.
  • What do subscribers benefit from?

    Subscribers get access to all content within Abjadiyat during their whole subscription period as well as access to the App’s premium features. Subscribers can also access the App from multiple devices registered to the same Store account.

  • How to subscribe through Apple store?

    iOS users can subscribe with their iTunes accounts and will be billed from their accounts.

  • How to subscribe through Google Play?

    Android users can subscribe through our Google Play App. From the Parents Zone on the App, choose settings, click on Subscribe and through Google Wallet and the payment will be deducted from the credit/debit card that is linked to your Google Play account.

  • I don’t want to subscribe; can I still use Abjadiyat?

    Yes! Abjadiyat can be downloaded and installed for free. Installing the app gives the user free coins in the in-App wallet with which content can be unlocked and consumed. When the initial free coins are consumed, the user can get more free coins by watching videos, sharing the app with friends, or purchasing from the Store section.

  • How do I get free coins?

    Free coins are awarded as below:

    • An initial free 500 coins are added to the Wallet for new app users. During promotional periods, we may add extra coins.
    • On installing the app, the user is rewarded with 250 coins. 125 coins are rewarded on registering or creating an account, and an additional 125 coins are rewarded on creating a profile for the child.
    • Consuming a content piece rewards the user (child) with coins and the user (child) can play the unlocked content piece multiple times to acquire more free coins.
    • Coins can also be earned by watching videos in the Store section and for referring other users. Watching one video rewards the user with 50 coins, while referring a new user has a reward of 150 coins.
  • How do I make sure my child doesn’t accidentally subscribe to the App?

    The subscription option is only available in the Parent Zone or the Store and requires additional security measures to purchase as specified by Google and Apple for their App Stores such as Touch ID, PIN or Passcode.

  • Can I cancel my account at any time?

    Yes, you can. However, cancellation of a subscription does not cancel the remainder of the current subscription period. To cancel an account, please stop the “auto-renew” option available under “Subscriptions” in the respective App Store to cease the subscription at the end of the active subscription period.

  • Do I have to be connected to the internet while using Abjadiyat?

    Yes, the App requires an internet connection through WiFi or mobile data. The App stores the most recent 10 unlocked pieces of content which can be played back in offline mode.

  • How do I subscribe to Abjadiyat?

    Parents can choose from multiple packages to subscribe through the Parent Zone or “The Store” in the App. Upon selection, the subscription must be confirmed through either the App Store Wallet or iTunes account.

  • How many devices I can connect the App to?

    A subscriber can use as many devices simultaneously. A user who has not subscribed can sign in to one device at a time only.

  • Is Abjadiyat available on the iPhone/iPad or Android device?

    Yes, Abjadiyat is available on both iOS and Android devices.

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